【学术报告】A delay suppression model with sterile mosquitoes release period equal to wild larvae maturation period
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报告摘要: Based on the idea that only those sexually active sterile mosquitoes are included in the modeling process, we study the dynamics of the interactive wild and sterile mosquito model with time delay, which consists of three sub-equations. Due to the fact that the maturation period of sterile mosquitoes bred in the lab or mosquito factories is the same time period of wild adults mature from larvae, we particularly assume that the waiting period for two consecutive releases of sterile mosquitoes equals the maturation period of wild mosquitoes, as a new practical sterile mosquito release strategy. We first ingeniously solve the delay model with the initial functions that are solutions of the corresponding equation without delay, referred to as “goodsolutions. Using these goodsolutions, we then surprisingly obtain sufficient and necessary conditions for the trivial solution and a unique periodic solution of the delay model to be globally asymptotically stable, respectively. We provide a numerical example to demonstrate the model dynamics and brief discussions of our findings as well. We are confident that the results obtained and the methods used in this paper can be applied to other similar situations where no existing results and methods are available.








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