学术报告:On predation effort allocation strategy over two patches
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报告题目: On predation effort allocation strategy over two patches


报告摘要: In this talk, I will present an ODE model to describe the population dynamics of one non-dispersing prey and two dispersing predators in a two-patch environment with spatial heterogeneity. The dispersals of the predators are implicitly reflected by the allocation of their presence (foraging time) in each patch. We analyze the dynamics of the model and discuss some biological implications of the theoretical results on the dynamics of the model. In particular, we relate the results to the evolution of the allocation strategy and explore the impact of the spatial heterogeneity and the difference in fitness of the two predators on the allocation strategy. Under certain range of other parameters, we observe the existence of an evolutionarily stable strategy (ESS) while in some other ranges, the ESS disappears.  We also discuss some possible extensions of the model. Particularly, when the model is modified to allow distinct preys in the two patches, we find that the heterogeneity in predation rates and biomass transfer rates in the two patches caused by such a modification may lead to otherwise impossible bi-stability for some pairs of equilibria. This is a joint work with Dr Chang-Yuan Cheng.








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